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Erasmus+ Internship

Istanbul Foreigners Office is looking for students who want to do internship in Istanbul!

IFO finds you the optimum internship opportunities related with your study program. Students who want to attend Erasmus Placement Program can apply to us to have a work experience in reputable companies and organizations in Istanbul.

Please check that your university country is in the participating countries list and have ECHE application.

How it works?

  • You send your resume to our database and IFO searches the possible internship positions according to your study programme and your needs

  • After we make the match in a reasonable time we send you information about suitable companies and organizations

  • After you are selected by a company as an intern candidate, we will want you to provide Training Agreement from your university

  • Training Agreement will be signed by your host company we will send you the pdf version of it

  • Your application in order to be completed we receive your placement fee wire to our bank account

  • Finish your procedure with your university and get ready for your exotic Istanbul experience!

  • IFO will provide all information and document support during your internship.


IFO 2016 Erasmus+ Placement fees:

IFO 2016 Placement Fees

2 Months

3 Months  4 Months 5-6 Months  7-8 Months 9-10 Months 11-12 Months
Erasmus Internship  150 € 175 €  300 €  400 €   500 €   550 €   600 €

* These fees will be paid only after a succesful Erasmus Placement
* You will receive the payment details after your placement is arranged
* Keep in mind that Erasmus+ Work Placement shall be at least 2 months, maximum 12 months

* These fees include all information and back up support during your internship
* These fees are valid until 31.12.2016
*These fees include VAT

Important Tips:

  • For attending Erasmus+ Placement Program, please check your university`s web page to get detailed information about deadlines. (Some universities do not have a deadline for Erasmus+ Placement Program)

  • Even if you joined Erasmus Learning Program before, you can still have chance to join and get grant for attending Erasmus+ Placement Program

  • Keep in mind that Erasmus+ Work Placement shall be at least 2 months, maximum 12 months