Genel Sağlık Sigortası (Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals)   Last Update: 15.05.2017


It is an obligation to get a health insurance for foreigners if you are going to stay in Turkey more than your country visa allows. And if you are going to stay more than 90 days in Turkey you need residence permit. 

Let`s read how many options we have then you can ask your questions by emailing us.

You have only two options for the insurance if you are not studying in a Turkish University:

a)  Having a public insurance from your country (only countries listed below)

If you have a public health insurance in your country and your country is mentioned below you will be exempted from Health Insurance if you do these steps. In order to reach these documents you should contact with your insurance company and you should receive the forms arranged for your name and details.

Requirements to be fulfilled to be exempt from the General Health Insurance: 

If you have a formulary "Medical Assistance Entitlement Certificate" indicated below, please give one copy to the Istanbul Social Security Directorate in Unkapanı. The Social Security Directorate/Center will give a paper in return. Give the copy of your formulary and the paper given by the Social Security Directorate Center to Police at your appointment as your Health Insurance.

  • Germany T/A 11, T/A 9, T/A 20 ,

  • The Netherlands N/TUR 106, N/TUR 111, N/TUR 121

  • Belgium BT.8, BT 16

  • Austria A/TR 3, A/TR 4

  • France  SE 208-01 FT, SE 208-02 FT SE 208-30 FT, SE 208-06 A FT, SE 208-28 FT,SE 208-09 FT

  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus K.K.T.C/T.C. 3, K.K.T.C/T.C. 6

  • Romania R/TR 3, R/TR5, R/TR 6

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina BH/TR 4, BH/TR 6, BH/TR 7

  • The Czech Republic CZ/TR 111

  • Macedonia MC/TR 4, TR/MC 6

  • Luxembourg TR/L 3, TR/L 5

  • Albania AL/TR 4, TR/AL 5

The contact information of the Istanbul Social Security Directorate and Social Security Center in Unkapanı, Istanbul is given below. You should find the office "Yurtdışı İşlemleri Servisi" (Service of Foreign Operations)

You can go to Unkapanı by bus and you should get off at Vefa Bus Stop. Near Vefa Bus stop (Balat side), you will see SGK Building like in the picture on the left below. We know, it says Beşiktaş but you should not go to Beşiktaş. Beşiktaş building is under construction so they moved it to Unkapanı, Fatih district. You get in the building and go to 3rd floor. Then directly you should go to office 301. The guy will help you for your papers and he is asking also your father name and birth place (on your passport if you have please note it down as same). And you should be careful that your expire date of your insurance shall be longer than expected expire date of your residence permit. If you can provide this expire date at your public insurance you have to get a private insurance. You can get private health insurance at our office. After you have a paper from 301, you are going to 302 to get paper for "İkamet Tezkere Yazısı". You get into 302 and ask to officer which officer you should go. He will direct you to right officer according to your Surname. The officer prepare you a Turkish Paper and you will take it to the chief officer get his sign and turn it back to the officer you get that paper. S/he will give your "İkamet Tezkere Yazısı" and Congratulations you have insured by SGK!!! Save this paper and add to your documents.


b) Getting insurance from Turkey

You have to get a private insurance if you are getting a residence permit. You can get private health insurance from our office in Taksim in one hour if you bring your original passport with you. We are also arranging your health insurance dates according to optimum dates of your statusSo your residence permit validation will not be less than you expect.

We are working with Groupama Turkey and Ankara Sigorta (original passport needed). Our insurance covers the limits of the government. And you can visit our office for your insurance needs. You can email to

You can check how many clinics,hospitals and pharmacies are there in your district by visiting the link below:

Groupama and Ankara Insurance Quotations for Foreigners:

These fees are one year long health insurance. It is not possible to prepare less than 12 months for this type of insurance. If you want to get residence permit you need this type of health insurance. We are readytoanswer your questions regarding residence permit healt insurance. Our office is in Taksim and one street back of Istiklal Avenue.


Ankara Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta


325 TL

243 TL


325 TL

199 TL


200 TL

188 TL


250 TL

235 TL


270 TL

235 TL


300 TL

268 TL


400 TL

349 TL


400 TL

358 TL


525 TL

485 TL


600 TL

570 TL


950 TL

1.305 TL


Your Turkish insurance shall cover these limits:

                                              Contracted Health Providers                Noncontracted Health Providers

Annual Minimum Limit
Patient Share
Annual Minimum Limit
Patient Share
Outpatient Treatment
2.000 TL
Insured: 40%

Company: 60%
2.000 TL
Insured: 40%

Company: 60%
Inpatient Treatment
Insured: 0%

Company: 100%
20.000 TL
Insured: 20%

Company: 80%


Thank you for reading. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us. +90 (212) 249 67 57


Office Working Hours and Days for Visit: Weekdays-  10:30 - 17:30