Genel Sağlık Sigortası (Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals)   Updated on 20.02.2021


It is required to get a health insurance for foreigners if you like to stay in Turkey more than your country visa allows. And if you are going to stay more than 90 days in Turkey, you will need residence permit. 


You have to get a private insurance when you apply for residence permit. If you have a travel insurance or any international insurance that covers Turkey, it will work in hospitals but unfortunately it is not recognised by Residence Permit Officers at Immigration Office. 

You can get private health insurance from our office in Taksim within an hour if you bring your original passport with you. Your health insurance period should be according to optimum dates of your statusSo your residence permit validation will not be less than you expect.

We are working with Groupama Turkey and Ankara Sigorta (original passport needed). Our insurance meet all the requirements of the government. Visit our office to obtain your insurance. You can email to

You can check how many clinics,hospitals and pharmacies around your district by visiting the link below:

Groupama and Ankara Insurance Quotation for Foreigners:

These fees are one year long health insurance. It is not possible to issue less than 12 months for this type of insurance. If you want to get residence permit you need this type of health insurance. We are ready to answer your questions regarding residence permit health insurance. 


Ankara Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta


325 TL

243 TL


325 TL

199 TL


125 TL

188 TL


160 TL

235 TL


160 TL

235 TL


185 TL

268 TL


213 TL

349 TL


280 TL

358 TL


320 TL

485 TL


400 TL

570 TL


665 TL

1.305 TL


Your Turkish insurance shall cover these limits:

                                              Contracted Health Providers                Noncontracted Health Providers

Annual Minimum Limit
Patient Share
Annual Minimum Limit
Patient Share
Outpatient Treatment
2.000 TL
Insured: 40%

Company: 60%
2.000 TL
Insured: 40%

Company: 60%
Inpatient Treatment
Insured: 0%

Company: 100%
20.000 TL
Insured: 20%

Company: 80%


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