Accommodation Form



If it is your first time in Istanbul for short term living, probably you will be confused between different rental fees. We made an accommodation form and by this form we will recommend you the best location according to your university and needs. Please fill the form and we are going to email you back as soon as possible.

You can read also our tips for accommodation in Istanbul. These tips are collected with the experiences of many Erasmus students in Istanbul.

There is also very useful website to find accommodation safely for Erasmus Students:


If you want to live in an apartment in Taksim with exchange students all together, please check Existanbul House:




·         Istanbul is really huge city and has always traffic jam. First of all you should think about not using bus for more than 5kms distances if you are not obliged to. So mind to find an apartment close to tram, metro stations or “Dolmuş” (shared yellow taxi vans)

·         If you are planning to live in dormitory, please mind that many private or public dormitories have entrance-exit hours and you will have problems if you are late. Private university dormitories are not included in this case.

·         Visit the location in the night, is it deserted or dangerous? We do not reccomend you to rent apartment down of Tarlabaşı, Dolapdere neigborhood.

·         Generally Erasmus students live in Beyoglu (Taksim), Şişli, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Üsküdar districts. It is because of night life and central located.

·         If your campus is out of central Istanbul and close to Metrobus stops, we recommend you to live in Mecidiyeköy (European Side) or Kadıköy (Asian Side) depends on which continent you live.

·         You should learn where your campus is. It will help you to filter your options.

·         If you are an innocent erasmus student who is not interested going parties and totally focused on studying or your thesis we reccomend you to rent your apartment near your campus

·         But if you are a party animal or you can not isolate yourself from socializing you should live in Beyoglu (Taksim), Şişli, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy.


You have decided where to live and you do not know what kind of possibilities are waiting for you. We prepared you a question list that you can ask to your possible flatmate or landlord:

-       How much is the rent?

-       By real estate (emlakçı) or landlord?

-       Do I have to pay deposit or not?

-       Do you make contract or not?

-       Rent includes bills or not? (electricity, internet, water, natural gas)

-       Does it have natural gas heating or not?

-       Hot water 24 hours?

-       What I will have in my room? (bed, desk, wifi provided)

-       Is there any common living room?

-       Is there humidity in the apartment?

-       Neighbors are open-minded for foreigners?

-       Can I bring my friends or not?

-       Can I organise party for my birthday or housewarming?