Our Story

Istanbul Foreigners Office (IFO) is a privately held consulting agency founded by Recep Alparslan Ceylan as a result of collective experiences which he has gained as founder president of Istanbul University’s Erasmus Student Organization (Existanbul). IFO aims to provide solutions in a broad range for foreign people who want to relocate to Istanbul for touristic purposes or work, education, internship etc.

Why do we exist?

We have been working for İstanbul Üniversitesi Erasmus Student Organization (Existanbul) since 2010. In this period we realized that exchange students are having challenges finding internship, accomodation and getting into social life. As IFO we stand by foreigners to solve these problems they might have in Turkey. While İstanbul keeps up with globalization trend better and faster, we want to be the first company that pops up in mind for finding unique solutions for relocation,smooth accommodation facilities and creating a better environment. 

Our Character



All bad and good things in life consists of reflection. As IFO we want to be like a magnet with opposite sides that works in colloboration and create a magnetic area which is well balanced, strong and captivating. Applying this principle in all steps of us, we believe we will reach sustainable success. Would you like to join us and take your place in this positive circle?


Art is a formation of contrast pieces. There is a contrast in all of the creative, estethical and beautiful forms in the world. Also both success and happiness hide contrast in their roots. Just like Istanbul.... As lovers of this city, benefiting from all the contrasts it has, we want to provide creative and innovative services for you. Important things is realizing pure contrast while others mostly define it as complication.


Can you imagine as an employee working for 8 hours/4 days in a week? What if one weekday were only for going to exhibitions, meeting new people, enjoying live events or traveling? Do you think this kind of weekly program could make things work better or worse?

With the intention of being unconventinal we value ourselves and create spaces to feed our souls and not to kill our creativity. But it’s not the only things that is unconventional about us. Why don’t you visit us and discuss the rest of them face to face?